Driver Bio

Cap Henry By Sarah Schulkins
William “Cap” Henry III was born July 19, 1990 and is a Bellevue High School graduate. Along with his racing endeavors he manages the families Hobby Shop and Slot Car business. Cap is photogenic and presents himself as mature beyond his years, choosing to be a leader and teacher rather than a follower. He loves being in the lead and staying there. Cap presents himself professionally and respectfully when dealing with adults, children and his marketing partners. He has been a successful racing driver for more than half of his young life and has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to learn as both a young man and a driver. One quality that sets Cap apart is his ability to adapt quickly and be successful in any type of racing. He is much like the drivers of the 60’s and 70’s in that he is able to drive on both dirt and asphalt oval tracks and is an accomplished road racer.